Beton block moulds


Over thirty years of designing and manufacturing moulds for concrete block making machines, we have gained extensive experience in the production of moulds for machines made by brands such as Hess, Masa, Adler, Omag, Techmatik, Columbia, Quadra, Demler, Pierre & Bertrand, Balbinot, Sigma, Zenith, and Ame.


In cooperation with European experts and through testing, we have determined the materials for the production of moulds of the highest quality and longest durability. As new steel mixtures are constantly being added, we never stop in our material research. We have also increased the durability of our products through the process of heat treatment: hardening, nitriding, and cementing.


In the interest of efficient management for our customers, ten years ago our company developed moulds (which we still produce) for the production of prefabricated concrete blocks which are then assembled. This type of mould is designed so that its individual parts can be dismantled and are therefore easily replaceable.

An individual approach

Our clients appreciate the personal approach to the production of each mould. We will produce them according to specified dimensions, and we will perform an initial analysis. We will verify their future functionality in the device for which they are intended. Based on the client’s requirements and the operational circumstances, we select the parameters of the form to meet the customer’s expectations.


Mould repairs and service

We carry out repairs and service on our moulds as well as the moulds of our competitors.

The repairs of moulds for concrete block making machines include:

  • general repairs and modernization,
  • swiftmanufacture and replacement of spare parts,
  • centeringof punches,
  • welding of damaged mold frames.

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