Our products and services

Moulds for block making machines

The production of moulds for all brands of concrete block machines. The strength and durability of the moulds are ensured by using best materials and precise manufacturing process.

Precast concrete moulds

Development and production of moulds for precast concrete. Production of large-format moulds, interlocking block moulds, precast concrete moulds for immediate demolding, custom moulds.

Repairs and service

Repairs of machinery and equipment in the range of general, medium, and small special-purpose repairs. Fast and quality warranty and post-warranty service. Repairs and servicing of molds from all manufacturers.

The production of machinery

The production of block calibration and grinding machines, mobile block making machines, automated lines, single-purpose machines and equipment for concrete industry. The renovation and completion of block making machines.


Our family company has a tradition dating back to 1991 and is represented by Jozef Navalaný and his son.

About us

More than thirty years ago, JONA s.r.o., a family company, started out as Metal Fabrication Navalaný. Through continuous growth, innovation, and investment, we have created the foundation for strong and long-term relationships with our customers. Our activity is always focused on clients’ individual needs, and our goal is their satisfaction and trust in our products and services.
Modern machinery and a stable team of experts allow us to implement a precise production process. Customer care does not end after selling a product. We try to develop long-term partnerships based on an individual approach. We perform a rational analysis of client needs, and we find effective solutions in the field of production, manufacturing, and design. You can expect high-quality products, competitive prices, professional advice, an individual approach, and fast delivery when dealing with us.

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We use Inventor

Although there are still technical drawings drawn by hand on tracing paper in our archive, our design department has been using engineering software for many years. Currently, we utilize AutoDesk Inventor, the world’s best-selling CAD application for mechanical 3D construction. We also use CAM software and TruTops Boost software. If it is necessary to adapt the produced technology to existing production, we use 3D laser scanning of the environment through non-contact coordinate measurement. We can place a real building into a 3D program, where designers can work on their projects, thus eliminating errors that occur during measurements. We also carry out the rapid production of prototypes (rapid prototyping), and we have a 3D printer for this purpose.


We use our rich experience in the production of moulds as well as materials of the highest quality and the most efficient methods of construction. By applying new technological solutions, we make it possible for manufacturers to produce concrete elements in an innovative design.


As we design “tailor-made machines”, it is not uncommon for a prototype product to be part of the final piece of the order. Our innovative machines have the solutions needed to meet new market requirements.


Thanks to the technical equipment, the professionality of our designers, and our stable team of workshop personnel, we are able to ensure production from the initial design through to production, installation, and long-term service.

Our work

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New production premises

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