Moulds for modular retaining walls and fences

JONA s.r.o. as a long-standing manufacturer of steel moulds for precast concrete and concrete blocks is constantly pushing the boundaries of its production capabilities while keeping pace with modern trends in the world. That is why it brings to the European market the patented moulds for cast concrete used for the production of concrete blocks for the construction of retaining walls and fences ROCK BLOCK.

These concrete blocks make it possible to build both straight and round walls using the modular technique, without fasteners and reinforcing materials. The length of one concrete block is 1200 mm, the width 700 mm and the height 500 mm. Depending on the height of the future retaining wall, different block depths (700 mm, 1000 mm or 1500 mm) are required.

Advantages of a retaining wall made of ROCK BLOCK modular concrete blocks:

accessories: concrete canopy, stair treads, grassing block, block with flower trough and decorations or a double-sided wall with the same design as the rest of the retaining wall

Using the ROCK BLOCK modular concrete blocks system, it is possible to build walls of different heights. From small reinforcing walls to retaining walls several meters high.

When building complicated and high retaining walls, an implementation plan is necessary. For smaller and simpler retaining walls, it is sufficient to familiarize yourself with the construction process.


The actual construction of a retaining wall requires construction machines, but it is quick and simple.

After excavating the foundation strip, we create a gravel bed that will be compacted to a level.

Subsequently, we start placing the individual rows of blocks.

A drainage system is required when a higher retaining wall is built. Drainage for water running down the slope is put behind the concrete blocks. The backfill behind the wall must be water-permeable down to the drainage. Gravel is suitable for this purpose, which must be separated from the soil by fleece, to prevent the drainage system from getting clogged.

We finish the top part of the wall with a concrete roof, a grass block, a block with a gutter for flowers or decorations, or a double-sided concrete wall in the same design as the rest of the retaining wall.

A staircase made of the same material and in the same design can be incorporated in the retaining wall.

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