Repair and servicing of concrete block machines

Every concrete block making machine owner will encounter a situation during the use of the machine where intervention is required, whether it is the aftermath of a machine breakdown, upgrading, adapting the machine to other equipment or the dimensions of the operation, mechanical wear and tear and so on.

Thanks to our engineers, experience and the necessary technical background, we can diagnose, evaluate and carry out any repair and modification of stationary or mobile block making machine.

We have been maintaining, upgrading and repairing concrete block making machines, as well as other equipment used in the production of concrete elements, since 1997. During this long time we have had the opportunity to repair and service stationary block making machines of Quadra, Zenith… brands and also mobile block making machines of different manufacturers in the range of general, medium as well as small special purpose repairs.

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Among our clients in the field of concrete block making machine repair and service are major companies focused on the production of concrete products from Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary.



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