During the period of cancelled motor racing and measures due to the spread of COVID-19, a customer approached us with a request to produce a simulator for virtual training in motor racing (a car cockpit). The client wanted the equipment for driver training in a race car to be adjustable and for it to be […]

A mould for the production of a water meter shaft

The production of large-format moulds for precast concrete element is not a problem for us thanks to our professional design and construction department and thanks to our workshop personnel, who have many years of experience in the field of mechanical engineering. One such mould was a precast concrete mould, which was to be used for […]

The expansion of storage space

Storage space management plays an important role in our company. It is a part of the smooth transfer of material into production and takes care of work in progress and finished products; it is therefore part of the logistics chain. The important role of storage is also related to the possibility of stockpiling raw materials, […]